Upcoming Refresh Meeting

Title: Refresh Meeting
Location: TBD
Description: Mark your calendars for our next meeting. In addition to catching up with each other, we’ll have Christopher Schmitt as our special guest for the evening.
Date & Time
Thursday, August 14
6:30 – 8:00 PM

Please welcome Rosemary Oldendorf

Welcome Rosemary!

Please welcome Olivier Debon

Welcome Olivier!

Welcome Bernardo Telles

Please welcome Bernardo…

Photoshop vs. Fireworks

Photoshop vs. Fireworks

So, which is better for the web designer: Photoshop or Fireworks?

This article has on hand several “experts” offering interesting comments on the pros/cons of Photoshop and Fireworks. If you have used both of these programs you probably already have your own opinion – but read on to see what others think (and maybe you will even change your mind)!

Photoshop vs. Fireworks

Holy Handheld!

Holy Handheld!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed that Cardinal Ratzinger didn’t honor the memory of the previous two popes named John Paul by calling himself Pope George Ringo, but his endorsement of the mobile web is pretty impressive.

Just as impressive to me is this NY Times article on web design and the iPhone. If you’ve ever had to deal with help desk issues that were the result of a page design done by an artist with a humongous monitor (like a customer saying “I can’t see the whole page and it won’t let me scroll”) or if you just find the look of overly busy web pages to be tedious and un-user-friendly, you may enjoy this.

UI Concept for the day

Also created by Aza Raskin is a site named Songza. Though I haven’t dug into the site, check out the nice mechanism for taking more than one action on a link.

Source: Signal vs. Noise

Image Pattern Algorithm tool for the day

ContextFree.js & Algorithm Ink from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.