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On Leadership and Listening

Jeffrey Zeldman: A Documentary

Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 years of Web Design and Community from on Vimeo.

Guardians UI Reel

Guardians of The Galaxy UI Reel from Territory on Vimeo.

P.S. It’s also a super-entertaining movie.

You are not a storyteller

You are not a storyteller – Stefan Sagmeister @ FITC from FITC on Vimeo.

Michael Bierut on the creative influence

Michael Bierut Graphic Designer – The Creative Influence Ep.13 from THE CREATIVE INFLUENCE on Vimeo.

Elements of Design in 50 seconds

Elements of Design from matt greenwood on Vimeo.

Timelapse-ish Inspiration

Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Watch the making of video

Michael McIntyre on Shopping Online

Michael McIntyre: Online Shopping by dm_510406ae1c303

HT: Boag World

Nearly Impossible

Seth Godin | Nearly Impossible 2013 from Nearly Impossible on Vimeo.