Our next meeting is set!

Hello all. Please join us at our next Refresh meeting on Thursday, July 23rd from 6:30 till 8:00 PM. ThinkCreative has kindly offered to host for the evening. Their office is located at 304 West College Avenue.

refresh-meeting-topicsRather than one large presentation, we’ve decided to have three shortened presentations. Each presentation will cover one of the three aspects of our focus. Marc Ray will cover the development area with an intro to Drupal. We will all be invited to weigh in on the design piece with the ideas conversation. Finally, the business bit will be covered by Mark Marsiglio with an overview on cloud hosting. I think it’ll be a great evening!

Once again, if you haven’t already done so, please send an RSVP to help us plan for space (and beverages). Thanks!

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One thought on “Our next meeting is set!”

  1. That was a great meeting, full of thought-provoking information. I predict our Drupal installs will never be the same.

    I’m not sure I can explain how I get ideas, so I doubt I would do well at a T-Formations interview – but hopefully I’d bring some good ideas that I had had that could speak for the process by way of the results.

    I find the best ideas come either right away or much much later when I am not expecting them. Any kind of formal thinking process usually seems to yield a lesser result. So I go for lots of gathering and storing, so the subconscious is full and always busy looking for a solution. I find washing dishes is the best way to unleash that solution, which is why I invest in rubber gloves to prevent dishwater-hands (a little known but devastating designer’s affliction!)

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