A really handy script for Illustrator!

49 layers of icons in Illustrator, ready to exported as individual PNGs.

I found a script on Hicksdesign.co.uk that allows you to create, say, several icons each on a different layer in Illustrator, then export each layer individually as a PNG file.

The pathway on your hard drive for the script to be placed is Adobe Illustrator > Presets > Scripts.

Next, create your Illustrator file with different layers.

Finally, to export the layers as individual PNGs, simply use your Illustrator menu: File > Scripts > SaveLayersAsPNGArtboard

It works great – a handy script to already have loaded in Illustrator for when you really need it!

Read the brief article and get the script HERE.

Video for the day

Weezer \"Pork and Beans\" youtube.com video

Video from Weezer: Pork and Beans (NOTE: click image to play in new window)

Mike Houghton emailed this video to me recently. Seeing it spurred some thoughts on how Weezer took a simple idea and created something from it. In this case Weezer has taken a simple thought – “I’m going to do what I want to do, I ain’t gotta prove a thing to you” – and made a catchy little song with an amusing, light video.

I’ve been interested for a while now in how others take a simple idea and make it spring to life. I’m sure that we all have inspirational moments where if we could just somehow “catch” them and “own” them, maybe something worthwhile (or at least thought provoking) could come from them.