Are GoodBarry (and friends) actually kinda scary?

I haven’t dug too deeply into GoodBerry yet, but I’ve seen enough to make me wonder. Are the “website in a box” solutions that seem to be growing in popularity something to be embraced by the design and development community, or should we continue to promote an ultra-customized, higher budget approach? I have to say that there is something really appealing about the high feature / low cost aspect of solutions like ExpressionEngine, Joomla!, WordPress, GoodBarry, and others.

From the design side, I can always sell a customized interface, but what about the application side? Then again, much like stock photography, what if my client is bent on something from Does this trend bother you? Either way, how have you chosen to adapt?

Now What?

Hey everybody. Welcome to the dusty, dirty, and draft version of the new Refresh Tallahassee site. After you’ve taken a look around, please create an account. By doing so, you’ll become “legit” (which means I’ll be able to add your profile to the Members page. I’ve also added the ability to post jobs and buy books – both of which will provide some budget for our upcoming meetings.

Moving forward, I’m interested in your thoughts. It’s about time to have another meeting. Maybe we can discuss where to go from here when we get together again.